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Posted by Shona on July 14, 2014

the minimal aesthetic in art


"Less is more"* & "Doing more with less"*

 Japanese traditional design and architecture has highly influenced the minimal aesthetic and philosophy in western art and culture.


                             image from : http://2voices1song.com/the-garden

HAIKU - Japanese Poetry 

Furu ike ya        An old pond
Kawaza tobikomu        A frog jumps in
Mizu no oto               The sound of water


Samidare wo           Collecting all
Atsumete hayashi        The rains of May
Mogami-gawa                   The swift Mogami River


Yagate shinu                           Cricket, from your cheery cry
Keshiki wa miezu                 No one would ever guess
Semi no koe                       How quickly you must die

- Basho 

Bashó (Matsuo Munefusa 1644-1694).The name Bashó (banana tree) is a sobriquet the poet adopted around 1681 after moving into a hut with a banana tree alongside. He was called Kinsaku in childhood and Matsuo Munefusa in his later days. Bashó's father was a low-ranking samurai from the Iga Province. To be a samurai, Bashó served the local lordTodo Yoshitada (Sengin). Since Yoshitada was fond of writing haikai, Bashó began writing poetry under the name Sobo, later changing to Bashó. During the years, Bashó traveled through Japan, especially the northern regions. There, he wrote Oku No Hosomichi (1694). He is considered the "Shakespeare" of Japanese poetry.




 an upcoming exhibition at Newcastle Regional Gallery AUG 23-NOV 16 2014

 curated by Sarah Johnson.


"Emerging from the traditions of minimalist art, contemporary artists often use the elements of one medium to narrate a story, and use three dimensional objects to create ‘an aura of calm beauty’ in space.

By using one element in their work of art, artists are often ‘pushing the boundaries’ of art practice by using materials or media that defy tradition or common perception.

This exhibition brings together diverse artists whose use of a singular media such as steel, light bulbs or natural detritus as a material metaphor and where actual space becomes more powerful than depicted space. Featuring works by Jonathan Jones, Dani Marti, Hossein Valamanesh, Hillary Mais and the steel floor installation by seminal minimalist artist Carl Andre, SumΣ16, exhibited for the first time since its unveiling in 1978."
Sarah Johnson Curator ONE FROM NONE 2014 Newcastle Regional Gallery


I am very thrilled to be showing amongst Carl Andre, Jonathan Jones, Dani Marti,
Hossein Valamanesh and Hillary Mais! Examples of these artists work below (not necessarily in this exhibition)



Streamline_No._1_2005_Shona_Wilson_300x90x7cm_twigs_on_board_.jpg                                                                                                                                            Stream-line 2005 - twigs & banksia on wood 3m x 1m  


carl andre


                                           image: http://au.phaidon.com/agenda/art/picture-galleries/2011/may/17/carl-andre-matter-matters/

jonathon jones


 image: http://www.nag.org.au/collection/interpreting_the_collection/artexpress_2011_conversations_with_the_collection/artist/jonathan_jones_68_fletcher,_bondi,_2020,_8.6.03_2003

dani marti 


 image :  http://www.breenspace.com/


hossein valamanesh




hilarie mais


image:  http://www.galeriedusseldorf.com.au/GDArchive/GD2006/GD2006Prog.html

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