“Her art has a beauty and an ineffable dimension which is distinct from and not imitative of nature. It is the transparent artifice of her assemblages which isolates and re-contextualises each small natural element so that its beauty can be perceived.This effect is sometimes called the heightened reality of art.”

Margot Osborne 2010


SEPT 29           SYDNEY - Warners Park Willoughby - hosted by Workshop Arts Willoughby

OCT 27            SYDNEY - Neilson Park hosted by  Cilla Campbell ( all bookings via this link).            

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Shona Wilson is a contemporary Australian sculptor, who has engaged with natural found material to create both abstract and representational, 2-D assemblages and 3-D sculptures for over 20 yrs. Shona is the creator of the One A Day Ephemeral Art Project which has inspired people worldwide.

Shona currently lives and works on the NSW mid north coast and is represented by Arthouse Gallery in Sydney and Mossgreen Gallery in Melbourne - Australia.

artist's statement

The repetitive use of Nature's detritus brings me closer to understanding the world we share. The materials themselves are storehouses of knowledge and information. They act as 'keys', unlocking doors to memory, science, history and imagination.

Exploring our existence through the myriad of natural found materials collected in my day to day life and travels is a continuing theme and motivation for my art practice. For the past 20 years my work has been an invitation to marvel and wonder at the details within nature which I have presented predominantly through sculptural assemblages.

In 2014 I created the online  One A Day Ephemeral Art Project. This employed my intimate scale,short time frame, nature based Ephemeral Art formula as a tool and method to explore, share and be in the world with mindful curiosity and appreciation. This directly informs my facilitation work with Ephemeral Art Workshops. Inviting and encouraging direct engagement with the natural environment and providing a space for playful creativity and mindfullness to occur, is a potent and tangible experience which enables meaningful and useful changes in perceptions and interactions with oneself and the environment. I have recently enjoyed working with adults, high schools and pre-schools



I will have a new work in the 2017 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair with Arthouse Gallery -  BOOTH F08

SEED RAIN  (my installation  from the Kuringai PH ART + SCIENCE Project 2016) will be shown again at GCS GALLERY - SEEING SCIENCE exhibtition 

I am commissioned for a public in situ installation for FLOATING LAND - 'LOST AND FOUND'  2017  - SEPT 23rd until 2nd Oct. 



upcoming exhibitions / events

SEPT 7-10                Offering No.8 - SYDNEY CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR - Selected group show with ARTHOUSE GALLERY - BOOTH F08. 


SEPT 23 - OCT 3      VISIBLE| INVISIBLE - Commissioned public space installation for FLOATING LAND BIENNIALE (LOST AND FOUND) 2017