my work bench today

Posted by Shona on August 04, 2013

my work bench .....

my work bench today - paraphernalia panoramas




a pagan day at the mca

Posted by Shona on July 10, 2013

a pagan day at the mca

just by accident i happened upon the Wangechi Mutu exhibition currently 'living' at the mca.

a primal, inventive, transformative, animistic
and thoroughly beautifully dark and bright experience.


a bit more whimsy

Posted by Shona on June 19, 2013

a bit more whimsy

i have been out and about again creating .....




 “Link”   Seal Rocks NSW

Balancing pebble in gap between large boulders linking 3 elements – a bridge.
Became exciting with waves rushing in and the possibility of collapse –high  emotional engagement.
How long will it last ?
Small area describing monumental elements of destruction and life.

15mins to make - lasted till high tide


heart 2 heART workshop

Posted by Shona on June 01, 2013

heart 2 heART workshop

Today, in extremely challenging weather conditions,3 teenage girls and 2 support women from the heart to heART project
fearlessly and with much enthusiasm participated in a 'COLLABORATION WITH NATURE" workshop @ The Farm in Cape Hawke.
We managed a few outdoor exercises before 80km winds drove us inside the barn to complete a work of their choosing.
It was decided to make a yin/yang heart as a group. We continued with the material theme of the day which was
'alive and dead'. The outcome was testament to  how a little courage ,curiosity and creativity can turn a challenge
into an opportunity. It was a great day and was filmed as part of a documentary following this groups heart to heART
journey. I felt priveleged to be part of it. GO GIRLS!


ephemeral experiments

Posted by Shona on January 14, 2013

my ephemeral experiments


as an adjunct to my studio practice
i began making ephemeral sculpture experiments
site sensitive outdoor collaborations with nature
a precursor to facilitating workshops
what fun !!


"making a splash"
Barrington River


"a splash"