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day 78-87 / one a day

Posted by Shona on March 9, 2014

pulls and tugs and reaching for centredness...

day 87 - 40 mins - near home - in a muddy pool
sometimes i wonder if it's worth risking ross river, bama forest, and now dengue fever?
i always keep going - it always seems worth it 



  87IMG_0706.jpg    87IMG_0705.jpg

day 86
just felt like sitting on the freshly cut grass - away from wind and mozzies
10 mins
two spinning wheels- cogs
clock wise/anti-clockwise - forwards/backwards - meaningless


86IMG_0696.jpg   86IMG_0695.jpg

day 85 - 50 mins
break-wall or dispersal
tried lots of different things with pumice again
eventually decided to work with the chance of waves and their collaboration with a line

85IMG_0662.jpg  85IMG_0664.jpg

85IMG_0668.jpg  85IMG_0671.jpg

85IMG_0672.jpg     85IMG_0655.jpg

day 83 / 84
driven away by mosquitoes - it took 2 sessions 
my garden - 30 mins

834IMG_0684.jpg   834IMG_0679.jpg

day 82 - my garden - 30 mins
seemed like a lot of effort for little reward
petals disintergrating quickly in the sun
hot - lots of breakages
really worked the photography to make something of it



day 81 - 20 mins
untangled grass runners to make a plait
unintentionally became a streaming heart
which i only noticed after the photo was taken

81IMG_0600.jpg     81IMG_0603.jpg 

day 80 - inside job

too wet to go out - pouring for days
apparently these forms replicate breast milk glands
sub conscious fertility symbols
.... and then a moon?



day 79 - 30 mins
raining at last and want to work with the water somehow
i think these look like spikey udders - sort of weird and creepy
but they did perform the dripping action i intended

79IMG_0552.jpg  79IMG_0560.jpg


day 78
10 mins












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